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Altar Servers Meetings




                   Every Last Saturday of

                   the month at 10:00 a.m.

An Altar Server

An altar server or acolite is a person whose ministry is  serving around the Altar during Holy Mass.


A message to altar servers or acolites from His Holiness, Pope John Paul II:


“The altar server occupies a privileged place in the liturgical celebration. The altar server presents himself to a community and experiences firsthand that Jesus Christ is present and active in every liturgical act. Jesus is present when the community comes together to pray and render praise to God. Jesus is present in the Word of sacred scripture. Jesus is present above all in the Eucharist under the signs of bread and wine. He acts through the priest who, in the person of Christ, celebrates the holy Mass and administers the sacraments.

Therefore, in the liturgy, you are much than simple “helpers of the parish priest.” Above all, you are servers of Jesus Christ, of the eternal High Priest. Thus you, altar servers, are called in particular to be young friends of Jesus. Be determined to go deeper and to cultivate this friendship with him. You will discover that in Jesus you have found a true friend for life.” 

Commentary on Pope John Paul II’s words:

Look back on the words of Pope JPII, when he says, “Above all, you are servers of Jesus Christ, of the eternal High Priest.” His Holiness reveals why altar serving is an honor. The other point Pope JPII said was that we are able to, “go deep and to cultivate a friendship with Christ.” In other words, we are able to discover greater truths when we serve in Holy Mass. With that being said, there is more than meets the eye because when servers do their tasks on the altar they are not simply doing their tasks, but also experiencing an internal joy with Jesus as JPII explains.

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